Are your crystals real?

Yes, all crystals are authentic and consciously sourced.

Why are processing times so long?

There is only one individual running the entire business. All jewelry is made to order, cleansed, and charged before packaged. I try to be as transparent and realistic as possible with my processing times. Thank you so much for understanding!

I am new to crystals. How do I cleanse, charge, or set intentions?

I have included an education section to cover cleansing, charging, and setting intentions with your crystals. Feel free to reach out with additional questions. 

What is reiki?

Reiki means "vital life force energy" in Japanese. This energy flows through all living and non-living things. It is not tied to a specific region or religion.

Are you a reiki practitioner?

Yes! A reiki practitioner is attuned to a specific level of reiki. We act as a conduit to channel and transfer universal energy from source to others or objects to encourage healing. I am attuned to the second degree and working towards becoming a reiki master.

How is reiki used to charge crystals?

After cleaning, Usui reiki symbols are placed over your crystals. Loving energy is then channeled to charge, balance, harmonize, and amplify each crystal's effectiveness.

Do I need to cleanse my crystals when I receive them?

Your crystals are cleansed and reiki charged before packaged. It is not necessary to cleanse your crystals when you receive them, but you are more than welcome to cleanse if you feel the need to. Trust your intuition.