Why “Reiki Charged” Crystal Jewelry?

Reiki signifies the concept of "vital life force energy" in the Japanese culture. Each handmade jewelry piece is meticulously crafted with a deep infusion of Reiki energy, creating a harmonious union that transcends mere adornment. The gentle touch of Reiki amplifies the inherent healing properties of the crystals, fostering a holistic balance that resonates with your essence. Embrace the power of intention and positive vibrations as you embark on a journey where every crystal breathes with the soothing embrace of Reiki

Elevate Your Essence, Illuminate Your Journey

Beyond The Above is an AAPI, women owned small business from Central Texas.

We strive to empower individuals on their journey to self-discovery, offering tangible reminders of the beauty and magic within.

Design Your Energy-Inspired Jewelry! Create unique pieces that resonate with your inner energy and spirit. Manifest your personal style and positive vibes – start creating now!

Every piece, made to order, undergoes a loving process of cleansing and reiki charging to magnify the inherent benefits of your crystal.

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