5 Gift Ideas for Christmas: Crystal Jewelry Edition

5 Gift Ideas for Christmas: Crystal Jewelry Edition

In this holiday season, give your loved ones something more than just a gift. Give them a piece of art, a piece of nature, and a piece of energy. We're talking about Reiki Charged Crystal Jewelry from Beyond the Above. Each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds a specific energy that can bring positivity and balance to the wearer's life.

1. Crystal Sun Earrings $33

First on our list are the Crystal Sun Earrings. Priced at $33, they are an excellent choice for those who love the energy and light of the sun. Representing the powerful energy of the sun, these earrings can bring warmth, positivity, and vitality to the wearer's life. They are perfect for someone who needs a little extra light in their life.

2. Clear Quartz Necklace $14-$22

Next up is the Clear Quartz Necklace, ranging from $14 to $22. Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and can amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. This necklace can be a thoughtful gift for someone who needs mental clarity or healing in their life.

3. Adjustable Wavy Rings $14

The Adjustable Wavy Rings, priced at $14, are the perfect stocking stuffer. They are flexible, stylish, and come with the energy of the crystal they hold. The person receiving this gift can adjust the ring to their comfort, making it a versatile piece of jewelry.

4. Moon Chokers $27

At $27, the Moon Chokers are a trendy and mystical piece of jewelry. The moon represents calmness, femininity, and creativity. This can be a perfect gift for someone who is in touch with their feminine side or someone who could use a bit more calmness in their life.

5. Triple Braid Bracelet $22

Last but not least, the Triple Braid Bracelet, priced at $22, makes for a beautiful and energetic gift. The braiding represents unity and strength, and combined with the energy of the crystal, it can bring a sense of solidarity and resilience to the wearer's life.


So, which gift would you like to receive? Or better yet, which one would you like to give? These Reiki Charged Crystal Jewelry pieces are more than just gifts. They are a token of love, care, and well-wishing. They are a way to tell someone that you care about their well-being and happiness. Share this with friends and family and let them discover the magic of Reiki Charged Crystal Jewelry.

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